Step 5 - Generate UNLIMITED Leads on Autopilot

Want REPEAT Buyers That Make You Sales and Profits EVERY DAY...and Even Profit From Everyone Who DOESN'T Buy From You?

Capture UNLIMITED Leads and Turn Them Into Repeat BUYERS Automatically

No Matter What You’re Doing Online,

The More People You Reach

The Better Your Results Will Be

The bigger your list, audience, or following...the more views, clicks, and sales you can make with anything and everything you post or promote. 

That’s why celebrities with the biggest following get paid the most for promoting products and events. And that’s why the marketers with the biggest lists are on the top of every leaderboard of every affiliate product they promote.


And cashing in when you have leads is so easy it’s almost unfair.  Just send your offers or affiliate offers to your leads and watch the sales and commissions roll in. Every. single. day.

So leads aren’t just a one-time money machine... they're an evergreen, recurring-income money machine because you can send offers every day and make more sales every day. And I’m going to let you in on the worst-kept secret in online marketing...

Most Marketers Make More Money

From Promoting Affiliate Offers To Their Leads 

Than From Selling Their Own Products

It’s true. Most marketers would give up their PRODUCTS before they would give up their LEADS. Because they know that their leads are like a goose that lays golden eggs. They click “send” and watch the sales come in every single day.

These Are Some Screenshots Of My

Daily Affiliate Commissions I Make From Mailing Offers To My Leads...

Imagine the financial security of knowing no matter how things are going... or what expenses pop up... or how the economy is doing... or what’s going on at your job... you can click “send” and make money every day. That’s exactly how everyone with a big list, big audience, and big following feels right now.

Getting More New Leads

Should Be Your #1 Priority

Whatever You’re Doing Online,
Would You Like 5x, 10x, Even 100x Results?

The only way to get there is to get more people to see what you’re doing so they can click, join, buy, or whatever action you want them to take.

The Normal Ways To Get More People
To See What You’re Doing All Have Problems:

The Normal Ways To Get More People
To See What You’re Doing All Have Problems:

Facebook and online ads
cost a fortune

Youtube channels can get
shut down

Social media accounts can
get banned

Autoresponders can get closed without warning

SEO is like trying to hit a
target with a blindfold on

Content marketing is too
much work

Affiliates are unreliable and unpredictable

SEO is like trying to hit a target with a blindfold on

Content marketing is too
much work

Affiliates are unreliable and unpredictable

Having your own list is by far the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to generate traffic, views, clicks, actions, and sales. Because all you need to do is send messages to generate results on demand.

So The Question Is...

How Do You Get More Leads?

Having your own list is by far the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to generate traffic, views, clicks, actions, and sales. Because all you need to do is send messages to generate results on demand.

So The Question Is...

How Do You Build A List?

Getting Leads


Building A List The Typical Way Has A Lot Of Steps

You Need An Autoresponder

Or Email Marketing Tool To CaptureContact Info And Send Messages

There’s a learning curve in figuring out how to use them and they charge you every month regardless of how much you make. It will cost you $100s per year even at beginner level and the cost goes up as your list grows.

You Need An “Ethical Bribe”

Or Something People Want

So you can offer it to them in exchange for their email address when they join your list.

You’ll need to spend hours creating some info product and getting ecover graphics made and then hope it’s good enough to get people to join.

You Need A Lead Capture Webpage

That Has A Signup Form

And an explanation of what they get for joining. You’ll need some web hosting, website platform, and web page layout to make your page look professional enough to convince people to sign up.

It’s A Lot of Work

And the worst part is, after all that it may still not even get new leads. It’s harder and harder to get people to give their email address because they are already swamped with emails and overloaded inboxes.

Even if you’re lucky or persistent enough to make it happen, the other problem is the more leads you have the higher your risk your email marketing account gets CLOSED without warning. Email marketing services protect themselves at all costs. So if you're getting complaints or they even ‘think’ you’re sending spammy messages they can close your account without warning...permanently. (Trust’s happened to a bunch of people I know).

The Fast And Easy Way To Get

Continuous New Leads...Automatically

Imagine new leads signing up in 1 click, instead of needing to fill out a form with their name and email. And imagine growing your leads from ALL desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms at once, without having to bribe anyone. That’s exactly what you’re about to do.

Even Better...

And your open rate will be as high as 80% because your message will never get trapped in SPAM filters, junk inboxes, promotions tabs, or lost in a sea of emails in an overcrowded inbox.
Or your account getting closed without notice. You can rest easy knowing that you can send messages and make sales and commissions every day.

What Makes This All Possible?


Automatic Lead-Generating

& Marketing Machine

Clickspush Gets NEW Leads For You Automatically

And Lets You Send Messages And
Promos To Them In a Few Clicks

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps...


Add 1 Line Of Code
To Your Website

Paste the Clickspush code on any web page where you want to build your list.


Watch As Clickspush
Gets New Leads For You Continuously & Automatically

Every site you add the code to will start adding subscribers without you doing anything.


Create And Send Messages From The Built-In Dashboard

Add your message and any link you want to promote—affiliate links, your products, social media profiles or anything—and get your message delivered in seconds with just 1 click.

It’s The Fastest And Easiest Way To Build

Your Own Sales And Commission Generating List. 

It’s The Fastest And Easiest Way To Build

Your Own Sales And Commission Generating Leads 

See Clickspush In ACTION

Here Are Some Results We Got

From Running Just A Few Simple Test Messages
To Just a Few Leads We Just Started Building...

If We Can Do That From Just A Few Simple Tests On A Few Leads...

Imagine What Results You Can Get

When You Really Get Into It

And Your Leads Are Growing Bigger And Bigger!

Clickspush Is The #1 Way

To Generate Leads and Profit From Them

Clickspush is the fastest and easiest way to build and profit from new leads, and it’s also a fraction of the cost.

But there’s something even more important and valuable about it. Facebook can decline your ads, Youtube channels can get shut down, social media accounts can get blocked, search engines can change their rankings, and autoresponder accounts can get suspended... all without any warning or notice and there’s nothing you can do about it.
You don’t need to be doing anything wrong... and you can still lose your entire list instantly. That’s a scary thought when you’re relying on the money you make from your list.

The problem is, with all of those methods you’re actually borrowing the traffic...
and they can take it back anytime they want whether you like it or not.

With Clickspush you can relax and you don’t need to worry about getting banned or shut down because you OWN the traffic so you have total control...

Clickspush Gives You

Everything You Need

To Build & PROFIT With Continuous NEW Leads...
Clickspush is optimized to work for you as soon as you get started, but you can also customize anything and everything to get the exact user experience and results you want. It really is an automatic lead-generating and marketing machine all-in-one!

Grow your targeted leads in any niche on any website automatically

Add 1 line of code to any website and start
adding subscribers as fast as minutes from now

Get new leads from desktop, mobile,
and tablet ALL in ONE

each users on computers, laptops, tablets, and
mobile phones all in one to grow your list fast.

Add new leads from virtually
ANY website including platforms like Clickfunnels

Add subscribe alerts to any of your websites on
virtually any platform from self-hosted to 3rd
party platforms like Clickfunnels.

Create unblockable subscribe alerts so you get more leads faster and easier

Use the HTTPS option and the subscribe alerts
are unblockable so every visitor will see them
and your list will grow even faster.

Convert visitors to targeted leads
in 1 click with no forms to fill out

Get epic signup rates and turbocharged list
growth because visitors subscribe in 1 click with
no form to fill out.

Customize subscribe alerts style
and webpage location

Use box style to stand out, bar for a more
streamlined look, or native style to blend in
with the user experience. Show at the top,
center, or bottom of the page.

Customize subscribe alerts
appearance for that perfect look

Show instantly or appear on a delay. Make it
transparent or solid. Use the preloaded
message or create your own. Even customize the
buttons and icon.

Send messages to desktop, mobile, and
tablet to reach everyone ALL in ONE

Send messages to users direct on their
computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
all in one for massive reach.

Send messages with real-time
instant delivery to get them out fast

Send messages in real time and subscribers will
see them directly on their device as fast as
seconds from when you click send.

Customize messages with whatever 
message you want including offers

Customize headline, text, images, links, call to
action buttons and icon. Choose up to 2 CTA
buttons with different text and links.

Personalize messages to skyrocket 
your opens, clicks, and sales

Send to subscribers by site they joined from
and keep messages targeted and personalized
for higher click and conversion rates.

Send UNLIMITED messages with
no limit or monthly fee

Create and send as many messages as you
want. You are not limited or charged extra so
you are in complete control.

Get UNLIMITED leads with
no limits or monthly fee

Grow your list as large as you want and add
unlimited subscribers. You are not limited or
charged extra so you have unlimited potential.

ZERO Competition because your
messages get delivered directly

Your messages are sent directly to subscribers’
devices by themselves so you get their full 
attention with no distractions or competition.

Split test messages to optimize click
and conversion rate

Create 2 versions of your messages and half
of your list gets each one so you can track and
optimize what messages are getting thebest results.

Stats dashboard to monitor your results
and optimize your messaging

Track your list growth, growth by website,
and message views and clicks so you know
exactly what messages are working.

Clickspush Gives You Everything You Need
To Build A Powerhouse Lead-Generating Machine

And use it to create an evergreen, continuous income stream. Make it the foundation of your
marketing efforts, or use it as an extra revenue source...the choice is yours.

And That's Just Clickspush PRO... 

You're Getting All FOUR Upgrades Too

With The MAX Upgrade...

Maximize Your Clicks, Sales, and Conversions in 1 Click with Built-In Split Testing, Message Scheduling, Welcome Messaging, and Audience Hyper-Targeting

Built-In Split Testing

If you could make DOUBLE the sales by just changing a headline would you do it? Of course! Problem is, how do you know which headline will get you double the sales and which one won’t?

That’s where split testing comes in. With the built-in split-testing you can send out TWO different messages at the same time—each goes to half of your list—and you can see which one does better automatically by just checking your stats. Use the message that makes you the most and keep testing against other ones—you could get 2X, 5X, even 10X more clicks and sales or more!

365 Day Message Scheduling

Setup your messages for hands-free delivery on any schedule you want and you’re done. Clickspush will send them out on your schedule with total control automation so you can sit back and watch the clicks, sales, and profits roll in.

And you schedule by message and by list, so you control exactly what goes out to who and when. Automation is one the biggest keys to growing your business and your sales, and Clickspush has you covered.

Automatic Welcome Messaging

Leads are 100 TIMES more likely to engage with you in the first 5 minutes after they've signed up than they are even just 30 minutes later according to InsideSales.

With automatic welcome messaging you can set a message to be delivered to every new subscriber within minutes of their signup, which means you get maximum engagement and results. It’s all done on autopilot so you don’t need to keep checking for new subscribers and sending messages to them. It’s set and forget with total control automation.

Audience Hyper-Targeting

You can send messages to segments of your list based on country, language, operating system, or browser type. And you can customize your messages so you can send messages ONLY to targeted prospects and also personalize the messages for that exact audience.

When subscribers feel you’re speaking directly to them, they are much more likely to read, click, and buy. How much more likely? Try 760%!

With The DESIGNER Upgrade...

Captivate Your Subscribers in 1 Click With Stunning Done-for-You Message Templates, a Complete Message Graphic Design Studio, and an Awesome Visual Elements Library...

Stunning Done-for-You Message Templates

You can create your own graphics and use them for your messages. But the challenge is first you need software or some graphics app to use. Then unless you have serious design chops it can take hours of tedious tweaking to get your designs to look right. Then you need to save your designs and upload them to Clickspush with your messages so you can finally send them out. Or you could just outsource...but even just ONE graphic design can cost $100 or more. That’s a lot to spend when you don’t know how many sales it’s going to make anyway.

That’s a lot of wasted money and time. Worse, if your designs aren’t great you won’t get as much attention, as many clicks or as many sales from your messages either. That’s a lot of risk when instead you can have a sure thing...

Included Message Graphic Design Studio

Still want to create your own messages too? No problem. With the included message graphic design studio you can create stunning graphic messages from scratch in minutes. Choose a background image or upload your own, add visual elements like cutout photos, shapes, illustrations and accents, and add text in your choice of fonts, colors, and sizes. You have complete control to make any and every message design you want.

When you’re done, save your message design to the cloud and then use it in any of your messages in just 1 click! It’s super easy and everything is all in one place so no need to switch between apps or download and upload. Just create your design, save to the cloud, and load into your message in 1 click. It’s that simple.  The included message design studio is like a complete graphic design app by itself, and you get it INCLUDED in the Clickspush DESIGNER upgrade.

Built-In Visual Elements Library

Hunting for graphics and visual elements can be a pain and take hours to find what you’re looking for. Worse, you need to be sure they are royalty-free otherwise you can get in serious trouble if you’re using copyrighted elements. Of course you could always buy visual assets but they can cost $25, $50, even $100 or more per image. You’d go broke before you had enough visual content you could use to make awesome designs.

Forget all that because we’ve got you covered. With the built-in visual elements library you get 100s of backgrounds, cutout photos, illustrated artwork and icons, shapes, accents, buttons and more. And you get 100 awesome designer fonts so you can make designs that pop and maximize your clicks and sales. And the best part is, they are all preloaded into the graphic designer so there’s nothing to download or upload—just click on the designer and choose any of the library elements to load into your design in 1 click!

It’s drop-dead simple to create stunning designs that captivate your subscribers and convince them to click and buy when you have the done-for-you designs, the included graphic design studio, and the built-in visual elements library.

With The AGENCY Upgrade...

Build Passive RECURRING Income and Get PAID Every Month By Running Your Own 100% Profit List-Building and Marketing AGENCY

Unlimited AGENCY License

With the Agency license you can add 1 line of code to your clients’ websites, sit back and watch how amazed they are as the subscribers magically grow day after day building them a huge list. And then you can send messages about special offers or sales they’re running.

They will happily pay you every single month...because you’re bringing in new sales for them every single month. And the best part of it is, all you need to do is send a few messages for them and you get paid! They’ll never know how fast, easy , and automated it is for you—they’ll think you’re working around the clock to deliver the results they’re getting. 

Professional Client-Getting Agency Website

With the easy-edit Professional Client-Getting Agency Website templates, you get a complete agency website you can use to showcase your new Lead-Generating and Marketing agency.

You’ll have your site online in minutes and you can edit anything and everything with ease so it has everything you want and nothing you don’t. Not a techie? No worries—no tech skills needed. Create whatever image you want. You’ll have clients lining up to work with you when they see your new online presence...

The easy-edit template is a snap to customize. If you can click a mouse and type on your keyboard you can edit it. No technical skills required.

Ready-Made Proposals and Agreements

You’re getting a set of done-for-you proposals and agreements you can use as much as you want. No need to spend $1,000s on a copywriter because you get all the pages you need. Just load into any text editor, add the prices, services, and fee schedule, and send to your client.

They’ll know they’re dealing with a pro, and they’ll be ready to pay top dollar for your services. You get the proposals to land and clients and the agreements to lock in what you get paid. These are top quality and ready to turn prospects into customers in a flash...

With The RESELLER Upgrade...

You Grab an Exclusive UNLIMITED Reseller License 
To Sell Clickspush AND Pocket 100% Of EVERY SALE

The #1 Way To Profit Online Is By Selling Your Own Digital Products

All of the top digital marketers have one thing in common...they all create and sell their own digital products. The problem is, creating products is a lot of work even IF you know how to do it. (and if you don’t, it can be a 6-12 month learning curve for that too). To create your own software product you need an idea, then you need to map it out. Next you need to either be a programmer or find one to outsource, and finding a good programmer who is reliable, skilled, and meets deadlines is like finding a 3-legged ballerina. You could waste $100s or even $1,000s before you even realize that you’re not getting what you’re paying for.

And that’s just the beginning. Once you get the software back you need to test it, then get tweaks and updates made, and then get a user-friendly interface added. (Most programmers write the code for software but have no idea about user experience or how to make software actually look good enough that someone will want to buy it.) It’s a total hassle...and we haven’t even gotten to the customer training or marketing stuff yet!

Clickspush RESELLER Is Like Your Own Done-for-You Software Business

Starting a software business is hard and expensive.  First you need to develop software products which means struggling with outsourcers and waiting months to get it done.  Then you need the marketing stuff--sales pages, VSLs, and a bunch of other stuff.  Then you still have no guarantee that it actually sells so you just have to hope it actually makes money.

Now you can skip all of those headaches, all of the trial and error, and all of the wasted time and money. Because with Clickspush RESELLER the software is already done. 

The sales pages, VSLs, and funnel are already done and PROVEN to sell. And the payment processing, administration, and customer support are done for you too. Just sell and profit. It might be the simplest profitable business on the planet.

It’s no contest. Clickspush RESELLER costs less than 1% of what it would cost to create your own product from scratch. And it won’t take you 3-6 months of painful waiting for it all to get finished so you can finally start selling it either. It’s ready to start making you money now. And with a deep funnel here’s the coolest part...

Make Just ONE Sale Then It’s PURE Profit FOREVER

ONE customer who buys the funnel makes you MORE than your investment in Clickspush RESELLER! That’s right—imagine after your first sale every other sale you ever make goes straight into your pocket as profit. 

What else can you do that you only need one sale and then you get keep 100% of every other sale?! You get everything you need and it’s all already PROVEN to work. It doesn’t get any faster or easier than this...

Done-for-You Backoffice 
and Customer Support

Setting everything up is har enough, but then you need backoffice tasks and customer support too.  There's payment processing, software updates, sales funnel optimization and a bunch of other things.

And you need to be able to support customers and help them with any issues.  So you either need to work 24x7 or you need to hire people and pay them to do it for you.

Forget all that because we do it all FOR YOU.  You just sell and profit, and we do all the work.

The Upgrades Are Worth An Extra $23,289!


If You Want More Views, Clicks, Sales, And Commissions,

Clickspush Is The Answer.

No Matter What You’re Doing Online, If You Want
More Results You Need Clickspush To Make It Happen.

Who This Works For…

Website Owners

Affiliate Marketers




Social Media Marketers

Authors & Publishers


Product Creators

eCommerce Store Owners

Offline Business Owners

ANYONE who wants
more traffic

ANYONE who wants to
make money online

Risk-Free For 30 Days

We’re so confident you’ll love the Clickspush Upgrade that we’ll give you a full days to use it risk-free. You are backed by our 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Signup today and if you don’t like it for ANY reason (I don’t care if it’s 29 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes from now) just let me know and we’ll deactivate your access and refund 100% of your money.

Here’s Everything You Get

  • Clickspush UNLIMITED Use $1,997
  • Clickspush MAX Upgrade $2,479
  • Clickspush DESIGNER Upgrade $3,138
  • Clickspush AGENCY Upgrade $3,991
  • Clickspush RESELLER Upgrade $8,238
  • Bonus Package #1

Rapid Leads Formula, Business Automation Blueprint, CPA Profit System, Easy Conversion Formula, List Growth Strategies $1,485

  • Bonus Package #2 (MAX Upgrade)

The Traffic Handbook, Hyper Influencer Marketing, EPC Conversion Mastery, Insta Profit Magnet $1,188

  • Bonus Package #3 (DESIGNER Upgrade)

20 ecover templates, 50 ecover artwork designs, App Store Buttons, Badges, Bullets and Checkmarks, Buttons, Calendars, Coupons, Guarantee Badges, Mockups, Numbered Bullets, Social Buttons, Social Media Icons  $1,285

  • Bonus Package #4 (AGENCY Upgrade)

Professional Logo Collection, Get More Business with LinkedIN, Sales & Support With Chatbot, Automate Your Business With Zapier, Organize & Delegate With Basecamp  $1,485

  • Bonus Package #5 (RESELL Upgrade)

TikTok Marketing, Sell More with GoToWebinar, Instagram Ads Success, Get Visitors from Pinterest, Instant Traffic from Snapchat   $1,485

That’s A Total Value


Act Now! Special Early Bird Discount!

Just $177


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