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And the more they will sell. Now you can unlock a suite of superpower features and elements that will take your video courses to a whole new level.

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And go global by translating your video courses into multiple languages so you can dominate untapped international markets and take your sales and profits worldwide. Build an international brand in just a few mouse clicks!

Even create your own training courses, walkthrough videos, and how-to demos with built-in screen recording to give your video courses that extra unique touch. Higher perceived value means the more you can charge, the more you can sell, and the more you can make.

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Animated Kinetic Text

Bring your text to life with high-resolution, crisp and fluid animated kinetic effects. Use with any of the included 100+ fonts in any size and any color. 

Multiple entrance and exit effects and directions. 

Animate letter by letter, word by word, or line by line. Even highlight and add drop shadows to text to create jaw-dropping videos.

Stunning Graphics And
Images Library

Magnetize your audience to your videos with scroll-stopping visuals. Complete library of built-in visual elements to use on all of the video courses you make. 

You get backgrounds, transparent photos, shapes, stickers, illustrations, overlays and more. Add them to your video in 1 click to create your breathtaking masterpiece.

You get 100s of effects, cutout photos, shapes, clipart, buttons, and more to make every video course ultra-professional and worth top dollar.

Hypnotic Background Music

Great audio is a cornerstone of groundbreaking video. You get a complete library of epic background music soundtracks you can add to your videos in 1 click.

 Cinematic. Upbeat. Classic. Retro. Relaxing. Bizzare. Acoustic and more. 

Whatever vibe you’re after, you can create it in just a click of your mouse.

Cool Sound FX

The right sound effect at the right moment can grab attention like shattering glass or a phone ringing. 

The sound FX library lets you add whatever effects you want to your videos at the perfect time to create that heart-stopping, eye-widening impact that keeps viewers watching, engaged, and entertained.

You get a whole collection of pro sound effects to use.


Need to add a screen capture video, walk-thru, training video, or demo video inside your video course? No problem! 

With video-in-video you can embed videos inside your video projects and merge them automatically.

The possibilities for unique videos you can make with this one feature alone are endless!

Mesmerizing Transitions

The best movies and videos have seamless transitions between scenes so viewers stay glued to the content.

Now can add any of the included transitions to your videos in 1 click. Zooms, fades, pushes, swirls, waves, circles, and more. 

Make your video flow and take your viewers on a journey they can’t look away from.

Studio Quality Voiceover

The human voice can grab attention and now you can harness that power in your videos without speaking a word. 

Add male or female voices to your video in a wide choice of accents and tones to deliver your message exactly as you want. 

Just add your text and the software can automatically generate speech for you in 1 click.

Language Translation

Translate your videos—both text and speech—into multiple languages and dominate untapped international markets. 

Publish your video courses in multiple languages and expand your marketing footprint and sales reach to a global level. 

It’s just a few mouse clicks and you’ve got videos done in a whole new language!

Screen Recording

Sometimes the best way to train, explain, or demo is by showing your actual computer screen. 

Now you can do that with the built-in screen recorder and then add your finished. 

You can even add text, visuals, and elements over the recording to draw attention or create that extra special unique look and feel.

Let's Face It

Online you’re judged by how your stuff looks. You have no store or personal contact
with customers, so you need to create an awesome 1st impression. With all of these added features you can make your products stand out from the crowd and get your prospects’ attention.

UNLIMITED Digital Products And

UNLIMITED Ways To Profit

Make As Many Video Courses And Digital Products As You Want.
Sell Them For As Much As You Want.

Create unlimited
courses in unlimited niches
Sell unlimited copies of unlimited courses
Offer courses as a bonus
to sell affiliate offers
Offer courses as a bonus
to sell more of your own
digital products
Create a membership site
with multiple courses to
make recurring income
Build your list by giving a
free course as a gift for  email signup

And The More Professional Your Courses Are,
The More People Will Want Them
So The More Leads And Sales You’ll Get.

FAST Action Bonuses

Info Biz Kickstart - $497 Value

Brand New Video Training Reveals How To Start Your First Info-Business The Easiest & Fastest Way Possible.

You’ll be able to learn how to get your hands dirty and do everything yourself. What if you’re the type who likes to outsource everything? I’ll teach you how to do that too. You’ll be able to make money promoting your digital product regardless of how you want to build and market it.

IM Launch Formula - $497 Value

Brand New Video Training Reveals The Insider Secrets Behind Launching Your Products In The Internet Marketing Niche

You need to know more than just what the customer expects. You also need to understand how to develop the product from the ground up. You’ll see every step of the process after I’m done teaching it to you. 

Launch with JVZoo - $497 Value

Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Launch Your Product With JVZoo

When you first start using JVZoo, it can seem complicated. There are all kinds of terms you have to learn, and the whole process can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our videos lay out in detail everything you need to do to have your offer on JVZoo. We’ll also give you tips on how to find the best affiliates who’ll send traffic that converts. 

Launch with WarriorPlus - $497 Value

 Learn how to configure your main settings in your account properly. How to connect your Paypal to Warriorplus to enable to adaptive payment. Learn the simple and fast way of creating a product inside WarriorPlus. Learn what’s the difference between an offer and a product. Discover how to configure properly your product settings for launch.How to prepare a sales funnel and link them with Warriorplus. Learn how to properly configure an offer and what you should fill in. How to use the dimesale feature and regular pricing. How to integrate your autoresponder account in just a few seconds.

Here’s Everything

You Get Today!

  • Kinetic text $297
  • Stunning graphics $497
  • Professional music $297
  • Cool sound FX $297
  • Embedded videos $397
  • Magnetic transitions $197
  • Text-to-speech $497
  • Language translation $497
  • Screen recording $497
  • Bonus #1

Info Biz Kickstart  $497

  • Bonus #2

IM Launch Formula $297

  • Bonus #3

Launch with JVZoo  $197

  • Bonus #4

Launch with WarriorPlus  $197

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Upgrade and use all the features. Make all the videos you want and sell them for 100% profit. If you don’t think it’s worth 10 times your investment, submit a ticket within 30 days and we’ll downgrade your access and refund your money.

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